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An image of the artist Kelly Niceley


Kelly Niceley has been exploring life in the inanimate world and the projections humans  give to objects for over 20 years, with specific interest in the magic and mysticism imbued in  objects.  More recently, Kelly has shifted her focus specifically toward the body as a vessel for  emotion, energy and spirit. Kelly’s works invite the viewer to commune with divinity in the everyday archetype and with  oneself.  

Kelly is a practicing creative arts therapist assisting a diversity of people with a hands-on  healing process through artistic mediums. In 2018, Kelly established the Peace and Protection Healing Arts Collective, which has a mission to reach survivors of trauma to offer healing and support, while uprooting perpetual cycles of violence and exploitation via mental health intervention, and arts and activism.

In 2021 Kelly established a linkage program and currently donates 50% of all online sales to various organizations serving LGBTQ+ people of color.  The current list includes:

The Audrey Lorde Project: About ALP | The Audre Lorde Project

Griot Circle: What we do | GRIOT Circle

Sylvia Rivera Law Project: About SRLP | SRLP (Sylvia Rivera Law Project)

For information about purchasing, pricing, and showcasing work visit our contact page to reach Kelly.

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